Aim assists fortnite ps4

Aim assists Fortnite ps4

Aim assists Fortnite ps4

It is not just only the option to play Fortnite using a mouse and keyboard. Of a console game that offers controller support even though Fortnite is a PC version, on the market in this game compared to other shooter controller gamers don’t have an unfair advantage. So in this article, I will discuss with details about Aim assists Fortnite ps4 a step-by-step guide on this Aim assists Fortnite ps4 all you need to know and sensitivity of the game and much more here.

With the mouse and keyboard while aiming with a gamepad can be a little trickier than, to level the playing field Fortnight’s aim assist does its best.

To aim to have access it’s essential for controller players, at their disposal it is not the only weapon they have. Without missing it’s important to fine-tune your settings even if you have aim help so that you can consistently knock down squads.

By certain players, Flower aiming curves are preferred, to match their fast-paced gaming while others demand a quick aiming speed.

To mimic professional players’ sensitive settings if you want, it is your settings you will need to figure out what type of players you are before you start messing.

Aim assists fortnite ps4
Aim assists Fortnite ps4

Aim Assist is on Verify?

On a console or mobile device if you are a player, to make sure Aim Assist is enabled follow these steps:

  1. Launch Fortnite.
  2. In-Game go to the setting menu
  3. Of the Settings Navigate to the Controller Options section.
  4. Set Advanced option to on under sensitivity.
  5. To 100% the Aim Assist Strength make sure.

In Fortnite PS4 best aim assist settings:

  • 47 percent Look Horizontal Speed.
  • 45 percent Look Vertical Speed
  • 0 percent TURING Vertical Boost
  • 0 percent Turning Horizontal Boost
  • 0.00 seconds Turning Boost Ramp Time

On Fortnite how to get aim Assist?

Controller Options tab goes to it, on a game overlapping a cog which is labeled with an icon, to the Sensitivity section and go down. There, Advanced Option to On use set. Set Aim Assist Strength to 100%, under Advanced Sensitive.

In Fortnite Aim Assist still?

With SMGs and ARs, it appears to be to counter bloc jumping, the creator stated the Fortnite content. Basically, for the new assault rifle the Fortnite aim assist has been reduced and the Stinger SMG. From their enemy when players are one or two grids away from, for these weapons aim to assist will be turned off.

For Linear best Aim Assist settings:

On Linear inputs, if you want to get the best aim assist settings, to utilize the best setting you need then here are. With the proper assisted aim these settings will help you take down your enemies, by the result you get you will be amazed.


  • Controller Auto runoff
  • Build immediately – on
  • Edit hold Time – on
  • Edit Hold Time – 0.100 seconds.
  • Vibration- off


  • 4 standard – Look sensitivity
  • 2.0 x – Build mode sensitivity multiplier
  • 2.1 x – Edit mode sensitivity multiplier
  • On – Advanced option.

Advanced Look Sensitivity:

  • 48 percent – Look Horizontal Speed
  • 47 percent- Look vertical Speed

0 percent –

  • 0 percent – Turing vertical Boost
  • 00 seconds – Turing Boost Ramp Time

ADS Sensitivity

  • 10 percent – ADS Look Horizontal Speed
  • 0 percent – ADS Turning Vertical Boost
  • 00 seconds – ADS Turing Boost Ramp Time
  • 9 percent – ADS Look vertical speed.

Advanced Sensitivity:

  • 07 seconds – Look dampening time
  • Linear – Look at input curve

Mouse Sensitivity:

  • 9.1 percent – X-axis sensitivity
  • 9.1 percent – Y-axis
  • 20.1 percent – Targeting Sensitivity
  • 32 percent – Scope Sensitivity
  • Off- Ignore gamepad input
  • Off- Lock input method as a mouse.

Controller Deadzone

  • 10 percent – Move Stick dead zone.
  • 9 percent – Look at Stock dead zone.

Foot Controller:

  • Off – Enable foot controller
  • 1 percent – Foot controller dead zone
  • 1 percent – Foot controller max throttle

Is Aim Assist Cheating?

For all purposes and intents, is not cheating aim assist, to game devs at least according. From mouse and keyboard players no matter the number of complaints, the rule of each title to look aim assist wouldn’t count as cheating if players.

Aim Assist why did Fortnite Add?

For controller players, Aim Assist is a gameplay mechanic in Fortnite. Is of course the purpose/goal of Aim Assist is, to aim better to help controller players. To console and PC controller players this only applies. As of right now, Battle Royale is the effect of the change, save the world, and creativity.


Final words

Here are the Aim assists Fortnite ps4 a step by step guide on this Aim assists Fortnite ps4 all you need to know and sensitivity of the game learn more on our official website 

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