How to delete a cover photo on facebook

How to delete a cover photo on Facebook

How to delete a cover photo on Facebook

That Facebook allows among the different and varied options, can configure their profile so that its users can configure, they feel more comfortable in a way, in their photo. Currently, you can, now tanks to the new version of the Facebook Application, without Facebook preventing you make important changes. To show you the following tutorial that is why we want, to remove or delete the cover photo from my Facebook account which will indicate the step you follow.

How to delete a cover photo on facebook
How to deletes a cover photo on facebook

From my Facebook profile how to delete the cover photo:

On my Facebook profile, you can remove or delete the cover photo the steps that we are going to follow. First of all, on your computer go to your personal Facebook account. Into your account, after you can log in and log in, at the top you will go directly to the blue bar. Photo of your profile here you will find, you will make a clip there when you find it, your name and your cover displayed. You will find several options below them, such as Biography of yours, Information, Friends, etc. to enter you will go to the Photos tab and you will do a clip.

When you do this, next your photos and your Photos and Albums options will appear, in the Album tab you will do a clip. By doing this, it can show you the many options like creating the album, Features photos, Profile photos, photos, etc. to enter it we must make a clip in the Cover Photo.

On your profile cover, it will immediately show you all those photostats you have uploaded, on your cover then the next thing you are going to do is look for the photo that corresponds to the one. You must select it when you have located it, on the entire screen when you perform this action it will show you the enlarged photo.

Finding Facebook Cover Photo Delete Option:

To the lower right part of the photo now you are going to go and you are going to select Options, when you make a clip, now many options will show you just select Delete this photo. With the following information, a window will appear the confirmation.

And in large finally close the photo, in the previous window that you are, that the changes you just made are applied to finish you just have to update the page. On your profile cover is no longer displayed and now you can check the photo you have placed. With a background, you only see the area.

Of this social network you have learned to use another function in this very simpler way, you to do so which previously did not allow.


On the top of your profile, the cover photo is the large horizontal banner image you can display. Into the center, your profile picture is inset or bottom left of the cover photo.

It’s easy to delete the Facebook cover photo:

  • On your profile page, click your cover photo
  • To your name click the three-dot menu
  • Select the option “Delete Photo”.

Final words

I have discussed how to delete a cover photo on Facebook with easy and simple steps so see this How to delete a cover photo on Facebook? If you have still question in your mind then feel free to ask me in the comment section below or if you want to see more guides like that then visit our website Phesii dot com

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