Pic of PTI gathering about Musharraf hangs The Reality Behind

Pic of PTI gathering about Musharraf hangs The Reality Behind

The special court in Pakistan gives a bizarre judgment about the Pervez Musharraf that he should be dragged to the central square in Islamabad for three days before he is hanged if he dies before his execution. Here, we will explore the further facts about it.

General Pervez Musharraf Sentenced to death

Pervez Musharraf is Pakistan’s former prime minister. He was sentenced to death due to his absence in the high treason case for disrupting the constitution in 2007. He became the first military ruler to get such a big punishment in the overall history of Pakistan.

A special court bench by Peshawar High Court that included three judged headed by chief justice Waqar Ahmad pronounced the verdicts of the landmark case. Former prime minister of Pakistan “Nawaz Sharif” launched this case against Pervez Musharraf in 2013.

The court found him guilty of high treason by revoking the constitution and implementing extra-constitutional emergency in Pakistan in 2007. Moreover, he is found guilty of self-exile. These are the reason he is sentenced to the death.

PTI Gathering About Musharraf Hang

PTI Leader Imran Khan, who was prime minister at that time decided to stand by the self-exiled former Prime Minister Pervez Musharraf. Imran Khan explained that he missed the Kuala Lumpur Summit of Muslim States due to the national interests.

The information minister “Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan” stated that the legal team of government explained all the legal aspect of the high treason case against General Pervez Musharraf. He was sentenced to the death on Tuesday due to the treason case.

Moreover, she stated that the court would issue a detailed judgment on this case so after that the government will set its strategy to deal with this issue. The Prime Minister Imran Khan’s perspective was that there should not be any battle among country’s institutes and they must be work with complete harmony. Imran Khan quoted that the government is trying to give strength to the institutions and they should stand by them.

Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan stated that the Prime Minister Imran Khan told that institutes were the pillars of state and the interest of the state is their supreme priority at any cost. She said that the government has to support and strengthen the institutions and trying to make them independent to stand by the rule of law.

PM Imran Khan does not has individual perspective, he is with the stand and view  of state that we have to stand by justice and trying to safeguard the law and constitution, stated Dr Firdous when she is endorsing Attorney General’s remarks. Moreover, she stated that the court to judge the former Prime Minister Pervez Musharraf was based on injustice that is why PTI stand by him.

Final Words

Former Prime minister and army ruler general Pervez Musharraf was sentenced to the death by the special court. He is given death as a punishment in treason case because he was found self-exile and guilty of many crimes. PTI leadership decided to stand by him because the judgment was based on injustice.

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