Why you should marry a virgin

Why you should marry a virgin

Why you should marry a virgin Many things have changed in the modern world, especially the way people think. As time passed by, societies become more open-minded and starting to leave what they consider as an old tradition. One of them is virginity.Virginity is no longer that important, seeing how many young people having sex before marriage and even having children without married.

Reasons Why You Should Date A Virgin

Why you should marry a virgin But for some people virginity remains an important thing. Some cultures even encourage people to keep their chastity until the day they get married come and present their virginity to the legal partner.If you want to know why virginity matters for some persons, here are the reasons why you should date a virgin.

Being a virgin is not old fashioned or conservative, it’s the way they respect themselves. They are not someone who easily give themselves away to others. They know how it will hurt them in the end so they choose to value themselves.

they save the best for the last Why you should marry a virgin

There’s a saying that the best is to be saved for the last. A virgin would likely stick into those words. They treat virginity as a precious, sacred thing so that they won’t easily give it to anyone. The way they keep their virginity until marriage could be the best reason Why You Should Date a Muslim Guy and eventually marry him.

 They Prepare The Most Precious Gift

Virgins present their virginity as a previous gift for their married partner. They want to savor the first night of the wedding by giving their virginity away and experienced sex for the very first time. Many people traditionally want to have their first sex after the wedding. The different sensation is the Reasons Why You Should be Saving Your Virginity for the Love of Your Life.

In any religion, fornication is a sin. Sex is something sacred as it’s how a human being would not be ceased to exist. Fornication could hurt one of them, especially the woman. If anyone thinks sex before marriage is merely for fun then you’re wrong. Two people should enter the marriage life through the wedding in purity.

 They Avoid Risky Thing Why you should marry a virgin

No matter how good of safety you use, there is no way sex before marriage is safe. It puts both people in a very risky situation, driven by their lust. If both of them are careless, they could have a child before marriage and at a very young age with no mental preparation. It’s the Reasons Why You Should Not Live Together Before Marriage and better focus on your future first.

They’re Mature Enough To Control Themselves

Sex without marriage often drove by lust and it’s not a good thing. The virgins show that they are mature enough to control their desire to have sex.

Two people in a relationship don’t always mean they love each other sincerely. Some people want to have been in a relationship because they want to have sex or they only want sex without a relationship. Virgins are nothing like that. They love you sincerely and they are truly committed.

They Have Respect For Themselves

Simply put, they are not easily stripping down for anyone. They know their body best and they don’t want another person to put a shame on it. They keep their virginity because they know the one who marries them is they who sincerely love them.

For someone who claimed themselves as a modernist will never know what virginity means until they marry a virgin. It’s very special since only the one who worth it will have it. And yes, you are worthy enough to deserve it.

No Worry About Their Past Sex Life

When you are dating and already sleep together you can’t help but wondering Should You Ask Your Girlfriend How Many Guys She Has Slept with, seeing how good she was in bed. It keeps you worry from time to time, feeling that you’re just one of those guys she has slept with. In the end, it puts your relationship in danger.

 They Wait For The Right Person

Virgins are not rushing to have sex. They are okay even though everyone may think strangely about them. They are waiting for the right person to give the virginity away. It’s a special way to make someone feel special. Only with the right one, they will eventually marry and the virginity is worth the wait.

 They Want To Have It For The First Time

Having sex after marriage did give a different sensation rather than having it when you were dating. It will be the best sex ever for the virgin, and both if the partner is still. You won’t take it for granted as if you have it all the time. Since the virgins only have sex with one person, it makes their partner feel special and loved.

It’s Easier For Your Parents To Welcome Them

If the question How to Propose Someone you love pops up in your mind, you have to consider your family as well. Even if they don’t really mind who you get married to, they will definitely in love with them knowing the fact that they’re still virgins. This matters in Eastern culture.

Even though there are many reasons why you should date a virgin, you should not judge a person just by that. There are many more qualities to define a good person to date, and being a virgin doesn’t mean they’re that good. Virginity is important, but being no longer a virgin doesn’t make a person bad at all.

Does it feel like pulling teeth getting him to say how he feels about you?

Some men can be very gaurded and closed when it comes to expressing how they feel – it can almost feel like they are pulling away from you. Many women make the mistake of pushing their man to say how they feel, but this is actually one phesii  of the worst things you can do as it can push him away further.

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